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Philadelphia FIGHT

Philadelphia FIGHT leads the Community Outreach efforts in Philadelphia for the BEAT-HIV Collaboratory in partnership with the BEAT-HIV Community Advisory Board. Through the educational programming at Philadelphia FIGHT, including Project TEACH, TEACH Outside, AIDS Education Month, the Community Health Training Alliance, as well as other community events, Philadelphia FIGHT facilitates educational and public awareness events about the activities and progress of the BEAT-HIV Collaboratory’s quest to advance HIV cure research. BEAT-HIV cure directed research was highlighted in a discussion panel featured in the 2023 Opening Ceremony for AIDS Education Month on Thursday, June 1.

Philadelphia FIGHT is a comprehensive health services organization providing state of the art, culturally-competent HIV primary medical care, consumer education, advocacy, social services, outreach to adults and youth living with HIV and to those who are at high risk, as well as access to the most advanced clinical research. Each year, FIGHT reaches over 10,000 individuals with social services and education programs and treats over 2,000 people with HIV at the Jonathan Lax Treatment Center regardless of their insurance status or the ability to pay. FIGHT’s goal is to end the AIDS epidemic within the lifetime of those currently living with HIV. For more information about FIGHT’s programs and services, visit

Since 1994, Philadelphia FIGHT has produced AIDS Education Month (AEM), a series of events throughout Philadelphia to increase AIDS awareness and to bring people together to find strategies to combat the virus. Over 10,000 individuals are directly reached by AEM every June. AEM is managed by the Community Health Training Alliance, FIGHT’s community and professional training program that offers a year-long series of public workshops, conferences, webinars, and symposiums on health topics that impact our most vulnerable communities.

Recent BEAT-HIV Workshops held at AIDS Education Month Prevention and Outreach Summit

  • Annual BEAT-HIV HIV Cure Research Updates – Review the latest developments in HIV cure research ongoing in Philadelphia and around the world
  • Women in HIV Cure Research – Discuss the critical need for enrolling women in HIV cure-directed research studies and clinical trials
  • Understanding HIV Cure in the Media – Deciphering cure related messages in mass media
  • Global launch of BEAT-HIV Cure Research Education Video Series
  • Global launch of BEAT-HIV Position Paper on Analytical Treatment Interruptions

For more information on the Community Health Training Alliance, visit